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Top 5 Skiing Tips for Beginners

Skiing can seem like a daunting task for beginners but do not worry you

are in good hands. This is not a substitute for a ski

instructor but starting off with basic rules will always be helpful.

1.- Bend your knees

This is a fundamental position that you need to keep in mind when learning to ski but it is often overlooked. It helps you with better stability and positioning when making turns. Remember to loosen up so you can ease through the mountain instead of resisting it.

2.- Be mindful of shifting your weight

Whenever you are going to make a turn, you must make sure you are shifting your weight appropriately to each leg depending on where you want to go next. A lot of the time we focus on the direction of the skis, which is half of the work, the other half is making sure you are implementing the right amount of pressure. Think "heavy foot, light foot", for example, balance on the right shin and front or cuff of the boot while flexing your left leg.

3.- Use your shins to press the front of the Boot

Imagine you have a sponge between the front or "tongue" of the boot and your shin and press the sponge against the ski boot to balance. We apply pressure with the shins to the front of the ski boot and we shift that pressure from one tongue of the boot to the other in order to balance more on one leg while steering with the other.

4.- What you look at is where you end up at

A very important rule for skiing, biking, and even driving is based on what your eyes are focusing on. Whenever you already have some experience with skiing, some of the movements become somewhat automated. Meaning that you do them instinctually. The problem arises when you are skiing something outside of your comfort zone, you can get nervous and look at trees, cliffs, or other skiers: multiple things that you want to avoid. What you must keep in mind is that you are more likely to head towards what you are looking at, so remember: keep your eyes on the path ahead and do not be shortsighted.

5.- Pizza

Last, but not least. It's very important to start off small so you can learn the basics and not risk injuring yourself or others at the top of the mountain. It's normal to feel nervous when starting but a fundamental technique that everyone should start with is pizza. Yes, pizza. Think about it this way, you point your skis inward as if you were making a triangle or pizza shape. Doing this will slow down your descent down the mountain.



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